What is

MySTYL’One is a comprehensive community resource center directed to the users of STYL’One presses and accessories.

It aims at helping the users of a STYL’One tablet press improve their use of their machine and enhance their scientific knowledge on tableting. is a community website, fed by the input of all the users.

All users of MySTYL'One can post in the "Forum" section of the site, and propose content to be published in the news section.

MySTYL’One team reserves the right to publish and remove content in compliance with the editing rules & policy.

How do I use the FORUM?

Watch the Forum tutorial:

How questions, answers and comments work

The "Forum" section of the site is for asking and answering questions, not for open-ended discussions. We encourage everyone to use “question” space for asking and “answer” for answering.

Despite that, each question and answer can be commented – the comments are good for the limited discussions.

Filter questions by tags

The box on the right of the forum will allow you to filter questions by tags (“interesting tags”, “ignored tags”). This section is right below the list of contributors.

Subscribing to a tag will allow you to get email alerts directly on your mailbox if a question bears this specific tag.

Please do not forget to click on the “add” button after entering your keyword(s).

How do I get email alerts on specific Forum topics?

All Forum email alerts are managed from the "Your profile" section of the website. (Just click on your picture icon, right to your user name in the top right of any page)

You can either "subscribe to all tags", "exclude ignored tags" or get alerts "only for interesting tags".

Please search before asking your questions

Type your question in the search bar and see whether a similar question has been asked before.

Search has advanced capabilities:

  • to search in title - enter [title: your text]
  • to search by tags - enter [tag: sometag] or #sometag
  • to search by user - enter [user: somename] or @somename or @"some name"

In addition, it is possible to click on tags to add them to the search query.

Important!!! All search terms are combined with a logical "AND" expression - to narrow the search by adding new terms.


Voting in MySTYL’One Forum helps to select best answers and thank most helpful users.

Please vote when you find helpful information, it really helps the MySTYL’One community.

Other topics

You can @mention users anywhere in the text to point their attention, follow users and conversations and report inappropriate content by flagging it.

…  Enjoy the forum!

How do I manage my account, edit my profile, or modify my password?

Clicking on the picture in the top-right, next to your username, will allow you to edit and update your personal profile information.

This will ensure that your description best reflects your current profile (position, company…) so other users know you better!

IMPORTANT : Forum email alerts are managed from Your Profile settings.

Password can also be modified directly here

Searching on MySTYL’One:

The search bar in the top menu and within some pages will allow you to search for authors, keywords, tags, etc…

Attention: Unless specified, search bar is not limited to the section of the website you are currently visiting but browsing throughout the whole website content.

2 specific search bars are to be found in the “Forum” and in the “Papers” sections. These only search within each of their specific pages with “Deep search” enabled.


How can I share content / publish in MySTYL’One’s newsfeed?

All news and articles are welcome!

To publish with us, please click here.

Where can I find information on cookie policy, liabilities, etc.?

Please head to the Terms& Conditions pages for more info in these issues.

Closing your account

Should you want to close your account, please email:

MySTYL’One team reserves the right to close the account of non-STYL’One users, former STYL’One users or users not abiding by the Terms & Conditions.

How can I contact MySTYL’One’s team?

Please click here to contact us.