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June 17, 2021

Replay: “Impact of Geometrical Process Parameters on the Tab-in-Tab structure”

MySTYL'One member exclusive!

MySTYL’One Live session is now available for replay.

Please click here to access the video (registered users only).

The video presents a joint experimental and numerical study from University of Bordeaux and Skyepharma’s research teams.

The webinar is extended with a hands-on demo on the STYL’One Evo showing how to develop press-coated tablets.

#STYL'One evo #webinar #Tab-in-Tab

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Press review

June 14, 2021

FIP Guidelines for Dissolution Testing of Solid Oral Products

An interesting webinar we've spotted among FIP's digital sets of event. 

"FIP Guidelines for Dissolution Testing of Solid Oral Products" will help you  learn which parameters are relevant for the development of a dissolution method and how to validate the dissolution method.

Full webinar is online on FIP's website.

#dissolution #FIP #Oral products #webinar

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Vincent Mazel - University of Bordeaux

May 15, 2021

Video replay - Influence of the unloading conditions on capping and lamination during tableting

MySTYL'One members exclusive!

Watch the replay of the presentation delivered by Vincent Mazel (user of a STYL'One Evolution, University of Bordeaux, France) during the 12th APV PBP World meeting.

#video #capping #lamination #study #university of Bordeaux #unloading #webinar

Call for papers

Gabrielle Dupont

March 10, 2021

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June 15, 2021

Enabling the direct compression of metformin hydrochloride through QESD crystallization

A new paper published by the university of Düsseldorf on the compression of Metformin Hydrochloride, a drug which had before not been directly compressed. However using a quasi-emulsion solvent-diffusion (QESD) crystallization technique allows for better flowability and reduce storage agglomeration, making direct compression possible after evaluating the tabletability of the material.

Full paper available here.  

#direct compression #'Metformin Hydrochloride' #'tablet capping' #precompression #'spherical crystallization' #STYLOne #flowability

Feature article


May 31, 2021

Webinar transcript: "Design of Experiments (DoE) to better understand tablet formulations"

On April 21st, Mariana Bezerra, PHD student from De Montfort University (UK), presented her work on Design of Experiments, and the MEDELPHARM Science Lab showed us how it can be performed thanks to a STYL’One Nano. The session ended with a Q&A.

For those who could not join us you can access the transcript below.

Note: Registered members of MySTYL'One can access the full video replay HERE.

#webinar #STYLOne Nano #DOE #Design of Experiments #De Monfort University

Feature article


May 16, 2021

STYL'One softwares: new releases available

STYL'One users, a new release of your software is out now!

Log in or create your account to learn about the new features integrated in Analis 2.08.4 and Alix V.20210423

#release #alix #analis #download

Feature article


May 3, 2021

Troubleshooting tablet defects in no-time

There are numerous tablet defects: chipping, picking & sticking, cracking, lamination & capping to name a few.

Lamination & capping often occur during scale-up and are main issues in our industry. Capping is the partial or complete removal of the crown of a tablet from the main body, while lamination is the separation of a tablet into two or more distinct layers. However, those 2 phenomenon share similar causes...

#troubleshooting #deffect #tablet

Feature article


March 23, 2021

A QbD approach to shorten tablets development time

Reducing “time to market” is the ultimate goal for every pharmaceutical lab. Being the first on the market brings a competitive advantage for prescription, over-the-counter, or generic-drug manufacturers. Applying quality-by-design (QbD) principles at the formulation phase can prevent tablet defects at an early stage and thereby drastically reduce time during the complex and troublesome phase of “scale-up”.

#troubleshooting #QbD #development



March 22, 2021

A Targeted force in study mode on Analis software

MySTYL'One user exclusive!

Head to the bulletins section to learn more on the differences between your target force and output force on your STYL’One Evo and improve your system response and be as close as possible to your target force!

#controller #powder rearrangement #target force

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