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May 18, 2022

Chat around a coffee: Air entrapment during tablet compression

MySTYL'One users exclusive!

We're inviting you to chat with Calvin Sun Changquan and Gerrit Vreeman from University of Minnesota on Air entrapment during tablet compression - Diagnosis, impact on tableting performance, and mitigation strategies on Wednesday, May 24th @4:30pm Paris time.

Calvin Sun and Gerrit have published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics and have studied the role of air entrapment during tablet compression using a compaction simulator. The impact of air entrapment is pressure dependent and deaeration (by applying a pre-compression step) can be an effective mitigation strategy. Though, the degree of improvement depends on the level of pressure applied during pre-compression.

 After a short presentation of their paper and results, you can engage in the discussion, ask questions and exchange on the results! 

Don't forget your coffee, tea, juice, water...whathever suits!

This online chat is only open to members of MySTYL'One.

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April 11, 2022

Effect of feedframe on lubricant sensitivity during upscaling from a compaction simulator to a rotary tablet press

The present work details the effect of lubricant blending time and Paddle Speed of forced feeders on the tensile strength of lubricated microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and lactose tablets. Full paper available in the PAPERS section.

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  • Prediction of the impact of lubrication on tablet compactibility
  • Transfer and scale-up of the manufacturing of orodispetsible mini-tablet from a compaction simulator to an industrial rotary tablet press
  • Tablet formulation development focusing on the functional behaviour of water uptake and swelling

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