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July 9, 2022

Flashback on Skyepharma conference on Compaction simulation at CPhI worldwide edition 2018

MySTYL'One members exclusive!

CPhI worldwide 2018

Conference in the ICSE theatre : Compression Simulation as a Powerful Quality by Design (QbD) Tool

Animated by Aline Moulin, Senior Project Manager - Pharmaceutical Development

#STYL'One evo #scale-up #optimization #QbD #compaction simulator #conference #prototype



June 2, 2022

Manufacturing of mini-tablets. Focus and impact of the tooling systems

The present work details the effect of the used tooling system on quality attributes during manufacturing mini-tablets. Full paper available in the PAPERS section.

Find others papers here and learn about

  • Transfer and scale-up of the manufacturing of orodispersible mini-tablets from a compaction simulator to an industrial rotary tablet press
  • Investigation of critical factors affecting mechanical characteristics of press-coated tablets using a compaction simulator
  • Along the Process Chain to Probiotic Tablets: Evaluation of Mechanical Impacts on Microbial Viability

#single-tip #multi-tip #Tooling system #compaction simulator #STYLOne #mini-tablets #Tableting properties



April 11, 2022

Effect of feedframe on lubricant sensitivity during upscaling from a compaction simulator to a rotary tablet press

The present work details the effect of lubricant blending time and Paddle Speed of forced feeders on the tensile strength of lubricated microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and lactose tablets. Full paper available in the PAPERS section.

Find others papers here and learn about

  • Prediction of the impact of lubrication on tablet compactibility
  • Transfer and scale-up of the manufacturing of orodispetsible mini-tablet from a compaction simulator to an industrial rotary tablet press
  • Tablet formulation development focusing on the functional behaviour of water uptake and swelling

#Internal lubrication #Lubricant sensitivity #Upscaling #Powder compaction #compaction simulator #Direct Compression



March 15, 2021

STYL’One Evolution / Industrial rotary press correlation study on a tab-in-tab dosage form

MySTYL'One users exclusive!

Flashback on Aline Moulin (Skyepharma)'s presentation at CSF Cambridge 2018.

Discover the presentation of Skyepharma's study: "Correlation between STYL’One Evolution and an industrial rotary press on a tab-in-tab dosage form" directly in our library of bulletins (access is only open to STYL'One users)

#multilayer #controlled release #industrial rotary press #compaction simulator #tab-in-tab

Feature article


Nov. 2, 2020

Replay (Part 2) - STYL'One, a new approach to formulate tablets (Q&A session)

Read on the 2nd part of the transcript of MEDELPHARM's first live webinar on STYL'One technology.

On Tue. October 6th, Bruno Leclercq and Quentin Boulay presented STYL'One compaction simulation technologies and range of products to users and non-users of STYL'One .

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session on subjects ranging from lamination to minitablet weight consistency, external lubrication, ribbons, rotary tooling, punch force and tensile strength.

The full video of the webinar is still available here, or you can take a quick glance at the Q&A transcript below.

#Q&A #webinar #STYLOne #compaction simulator

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