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Press review


June 29, 2021

Tablets & Capsules' Solid Dosage Sourcebook is out!

Tablets & Capsules magazine has released its newest supplement, showcasing the leading actors in solid dosage formulation, production and packaging. Medelpharm is also featured in the sourcebook. Access here the online issue.

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Feature article


Oct. 14, 2020

Webinar Replay - STYL'One, a new approach to formulate tablets

MEDELPHARM's first live webinar is now available on replay.

On Tue. October 6th, Bruno Leclercq and Quentin Boulay presented STYL'One compaction simulation technologies and range of products to users and non-users of STYL'One .

MEDELPHARM Science Lab also shared 5 case studies (Particle morphology influence on tablet characteristics; Dry granulation feasibility assessment; Lubricant Efficiency; Rotary Press Comparison and Rotary press simulation) illustrating the use of the STYL'One series to take on scientists' day-to-day challenges.

The full video of the webinar is still available here, or you can take a quick glance at the transcript below.

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