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Press review

Sept. 6, 2021

Key considerations in multilayer tableting

“The manufacturing of multilayer tablets may seem to be simple duplications of the basic single-layer compression cycle, but in reality, the process is far more complicated. In this article, KORSCH outlines the key considerations in the production of multilayer tablets and defines the key parameters for multilayer process optimization.” Click here for full article

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March 15, 2021

STYL’One Evolution / Industrial rotary press correlation study on a tab-in-tab dosage form

MySTYL'One users exclusive!

Flashback on Aline Moulin (Skyepharma)'s presentation at CSF Cambridge 2018.

Discover the presentation of Skyepharma's study: "Correlation between STYL’One Evolution and an industrial rotary press on a tab-in-tab dosage form" directly in our library of bulletins (access is only open to STYL'One users)

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Press review


Oct. 30, 2020

Available on demand: Layer by Layer: the Fundamentals of multi-layer tableting

JRS pharma's R&D director Anthony Carpanzano explains the essentials of this easy and cost-saving solution. Get insights and information on:

- formulation possibilities

- the tableting process

- key elements to take into account: tooling, layer design, tamping force adjustments etc.

Access the webcast replay HERE

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