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March 15, 2021

STYL’One Evolution / Industrial rotary press correlation study on a tab-in-tab dosage form

MySTYL'One users exclusive!

Flashback on Aline Moulin (Skyepharma)'s presentation at CSF Cambridge 2018.

Discover the presentation of Skyepharma's study: "Correlation between STYL’One Evolution and an industrial rotary press on a tab-in-tab dosage form" directly in our library of bulletins (access is only open to STYL'One users)

#multilayer #controlled release #industrial rotary press #compaction simulator #tab-in-tab

Press review


Oct. 30, 2020

Available on demand: Layer by Layer: the Fundamentals of multi-layer tableting

JRS pharma's R&D director Anthony Carpanzano explains the essentials of this easy and cost-saving solution. Get insights and information on:

- formulation possibilities

- the tableting process

- key elements to take into account: tooling, layer design, tamping force adjustments etc.

Access the webcast replay HERE

#multilayer #formulation #tableting #webinar

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