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Parmaceutical manufacturer

Feb. 27, 2023

Innovations in oral solid dosage forms

Dr. Klaus Pollinger and Dr. Martina Breuer, Aenova Group, explore the challenges of development and commercial manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms, from a CDMO perspective.

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Press review


April 8, 2022

The expanding role of effervescent Technology

This article explains the benefits and applications of effervescent technology in solid dosage forms from beverages to laundry detergent.

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#formulation #effervescent technology #production #benefits



March 30, 2022

Why Tabletability Assessment Of Your Formulation Is A Fundamental Step Of Your Tablet Development ?

MySTYL'One user exclusive!

New bulletin available on fundamental step in a tablet development. This case study highlight how quickly excipients or powder blends can be compared thanks to tabletability profiles.

#bulletin #formulation #STYL'One #production #tabletability

Press review


June 29, 2021

Tablets & Capsules' Solid Dosage Sourcebook is out!

Tablets & Capsules magazine has released its newest supplement, showcasing the leading actors in solid dosage formulation, production and packaging. Medelpharm is also featured in the sourcebook. Access here the online issue.

#formulation #solid dosage sourcebook #tablets & capsules #2021 #packaging #production

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