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June 15, 2022

Webinar: "Fundamental Investigations on bilayer tablets"

New MySTYL'One webinar

June  28th, 3 pm (Paris Time)

"Fundamental investigations on bilayer tablets - Effects of process parameters and geometry on interfacial strength"

#multilayer #tablet #interfacial adhesion #delamination #tablet geometry



June 20, 2022

Impact of unloading kinematics on the occurrence of capping during the production of pharmaceutical tablets

The present work details the influence of the unloading step on capping using a compaction simulator. Full paper available in the PAPERS section.

Find others papers here and learn about

  • Studying the impact of lubrication on tablet properties using STYL'One
  • The effect of spray drying on the compaction properties of hypromellose acetate succinate

#tableting #capping #compression #STYLOne #tablet #Defects

Press review


Jan. 4, 2022

Comparison of Hydroxypropylcellulose and Hot-Melt Extrudable Hypromellose in Twin-Screw Melt Granulation of Metformin Hydrochloride

The purpose of this new study was to evaluate the processability and dissolution behavior of HPC GXF ((Klucel® GXF) and a recently introduced type of hot-melt extrudable HPMC (Affinisol®) in extended-release metformin hydrochloride formulations using twin-screw melt granulation. The powder blends were then granulated at different temperatures, then tableted. Rheological studies (steady steer rate viscosity and rotation rheometry) as well as dissolution studies were then performed. Full paper available in the PAPERS section.

#polymer #hydroxypropyl methylcellulose #melt extrusion #hydroxypropyl cellulose #rheology #twin screw melt granulation #binder #tablet



July 13, 2021

The use of X-ray microtomography to investigate the microstructure of pharmaceutical tablets: Potentials and comparison to common physical methods

This new study from the University of Braunschweig explores the microstructure of tablets, analyzable thanks to X-ray microtomgraphy (XMT). 

This helps to get a deeper understanding of their properties: mechanical strength, component distribution etc. XMT measurements are then compared with other methods used to characterize APIs. Access the paper HERE

#pore size distribution #API homogeneity #Micro-cracks #tablet microstructure #tablet #X-ray microtomography

Feature article


May 3, 2021

Troubleshooting tablet defects in no-time

There are numerous tablet defects: chipping, picking & sticking, cracking, lamination & capping to name a few.

Lamination & capping often occur during scale-up and are main issues in our industry. Capping is the partial or complete removal of the crown of a tablet from the main body, while lamination is the separation of a tablet into two or more distinct layers. However, those 2 phenomenon share similar causes...

#troubleshooting #deffect #tablet

Press review

Nov. 24, 2020

First impressions: Tablet shape can impact patient acceptance

One new interesting article we've discovered on, dealing with tablet design and its impact on patient acceptance.

What would be the benefits of a flat faced radius edge tablet design as compared to a flat faced bevel edge?

Full article is online here

#tablet #Design principles

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