Flashback on Skyepharma conference on Compaction simulation at CPhI worldwide edition 2018


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July 9, 2022

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CPhI worldwide 2018

Conference in the ICSE theatre : Compression Simulation as a Powerful Quality by Design (QbD) Tool

Animated by Aline Moulin, Senior Project Manager - Pharmaceutical Development

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Skyepharma conference CPhI 2018

CPhI Global Pharma Events 2018

Conference description

Aline Moulin speaker focuses on how Skyepharma can help pharmaceutical company to shorten the time and reduce the cost of pharmaceutical development programmes.

The speach details the capability of Skyepharma to support any case study for optimizing prototype and scale-up with their :

  • Robust technology with a Styl'One Evo
  • Finest expertise in compressing oral solid dosage forms
  • Powerfull Quality by Design methodology

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