Formulation Considerations for Pediatric Populations: Finding the Right Dosage Form for Better Adherence

Dosage Form for Better Adherence in pediatric populations

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Adare Pharma Solutions

Oct. 6, 2022

To address the challenges of pediatric formulations, specialized technology platforms are often needed to provide ease of application and improve patient outcomes.

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Pediatric populations represent the most diverse patient groups in all of medicine. Factors such as individual preferences, physiology, and dosage considerations all serve to complicate drug formulation aimed at pediatric care. Drug formulation for children has become increasingly important as the healthcare field recognizes the huge impact that strict patient adherence can have on a treatment’s efficacy as well as how off-label administration of a therapy, more common among younger and older patients, can both decrease efficacy and create the potential for medication-related toxicities. 

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formulation considerations for pediatric populations

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