Towards better understanding of the influence of process parameters in roll compaction/dry granulation on throughput, ribbon microhardness and granule failure load

New paper Uni Düss



Nov. 16, 2020

New paper! Head to the papers page to read the article published by Invite GmbH & the University of Düsseldorf.

The study points out the importance of material hardness & how it can be predicted thanks to the process parameters of roll compaction :

  • Specific compaction force
  • Roll speed
  • Gap width

For the 1st time, 2 depending process parameters were used to predict granule failure load :

  • Torque of the granulation unit
  • Throughput of the material

The hardness of the granule was controlled in-line when the specific compaction force was increased during compaction. This process introduces in-line control of material hardness.

#continuous manufacturing #process analytical technologies #process monitoring #granule strength #roll compaction #failure load #microhardness #dry granulation

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