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June 11, 2021

Impact of Geometrical Process Parameters on the Tab-in-Tab structure

Léo Picart (University of Bordeaux), Aline Moulin (Skyepharma) and Bruno Leclercq (Medelpharm) share on press coated tablets for the control release.

  • How to increase your methodology and expertise when developing controlled release formulation
  • How to accelerate formulation development, even for more complex tablet forms
  • How to understand deeply the impact of geometrical process parameters on the press coating quality attributes
  • How to benefit from a compaction simulator as a cost-effective tool to develop oral solid dosage form

#STYL'One evo #press-coating #replay #university of Bordeaux #skyepharma #medelpharm #tab-in-tab #webinar

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April 20, 2021

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April 15, 2021

Design of Experiments (DoE) to better understand tablet formulations

Mariana Bezerra (De Montfort University, Leicester UK) tells you more on DoE and the MEDELPHARM Science Lab shows how it can be performed on a STYL'One nano

  • Selecting designs based on experimental goals - screening, optimisation, robustness
  • Exploring powder compaction attributes in formulation development
  • Building data driven models to predict tablet performance

#webinar #DOE #replay #STYL'One Nano



Feb. 18, 2021

External Lubrication : How to mitigate the impact of lubricants on your quality attributes

Cedrine de Backere (Gent University) highlights different aspects of lubrication: 

  • Evaluation of an external lubrication system on a STYL'One Evo
  • Influence of process parameters
  • Comparison with internal lubrication

#STYL'One evo #replay #lubrication #webinar



Dec. 12, 2020

R&D of Mini-tablets on a STYL'One Evo

Ard Lura's enlightening webinar on the formulation of mini-tablets 

  • Opportunities and challenges of mini-tablets
  • Methodology to develop mini-tablets
  • Mini-tablet properties assessment
  • Transfer from STYL'One Evo to a rotary tablet press

#STYL'One evo #mini-tablets #replay #webinar



Oct. 14, 2020

STYL'One, a new approach to formulate tablets

MEDELPHARM's first live webinar

Bruno Leclercq and Quentin Boulay presented STYL'One compaction simulation technologies and share 5 case studies

  • Particle morphology influence on tablet characteristics
  • Dry granulation feasibility assessment
  • Lubricant Efficiency
  • Rotary Press Comparison
  • Rotary Press Simulation

#webinar #STYLOne #case studies #replay

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