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May 31, 2022

Effect of feed frame on lubricant sensitivity

Cedrine de Bakere (University of Ghent) share her studies on Effect of feed frame on lubricant sensitivity during upscaling from a compaction simulator to a rotary tablet press during a Chat around a Coffee.

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May 25, 2022

Air entrapment during tablet compression

Calvin Sun Changquan and Gerrit Vreeman (University of Minnesota) share their studies on Air entrapment during tablet compression - Diagnosis, impact on tableting performance and mitigation strategies during a Chat around a Coffee.

#STYL'One evo #replay #chat around coffee #medelpharm #Air entrapment #mitigation strategies #tableting performance



Oct. 27, 2021

Dry Granulation Formulation Development

Hannah Lou Keizer (Doctorate at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf ), Bruno Leclercq and Adrien Pelloux (MEDELPHARM) share on Dry Granulation Formulation Development and Roll Compaction mimicking.

  • Key principles of dry granulation / roll compaction in a pharmaceutical process
  • Presentation of Hannah Lou Keizer's research on hybrid modeling of roll compaction with the STYL'One Evo
  • Case studies highlighting benefits of dry granulation mimicking on a compaction simulator
  • Q&A session

#STYL'One evo #replay #medelpharm #'dry granulation' #'roll compaction' #webinar



June 11, 2021

Impact of Geometrical Process Parameters on the Tab-in-Tab structure

Léo Picart (University of Bordeaux), Aline Moulin (Skyepharma) and Bruno Leclercq (Medelpharm) share on press coated tablets for the control release.

  • How to increase your methodology and expertise when developing controlled release formulation
  • How to accelerate formulation development, even for more complex tablet forms
  • How to understand deeply the impact of geometrical process parameters on the press coating quality attributes
  • How to benefit from a compaction simulator as a cost-effective tool to develop oral solid dosage form

#STYL'One evo #press-coating #replay #university of Bordeaux #skyepharma #medelpharm #tab-in-tab #webinar